Easy, Effective Shipping Address Validation

Avoid shipping delays, angry customers and resend fees for your store

How Validar Checks Addresses

Address validation happens immediate on checkout
Validar checks the address immediately while the customer is still around

Validar looks up the address on checkout

Your customers purchase from you the way they always have. On your Thank You page, Validar will add a script to send the address to our servers for checking against our rules. If a problem is found, we’ll create a popup using the text you select and the colors you pick for your site.

Your customer sees the suggested address change, live

Validar immediately tells your customer what isn’t right about their shipping address so they can correct it on the spot. If they violate a shipping rule, we’ll tell them using the language you choose

Address validation suggests a change for the customer to accept
Validar provides suggestions for the customer, or they can edit it directly
Address validation is complete
Shipping address is updated LIVE and is now ready to ship!

Validar updates the shipping address once they make changes

Your customers make the requested changes, and Validar updates their shipping address right then and there. You can now ship with confidence because Validar has already checked their address and made appropriate updates!

And if they don’t confirm the address, we can follow up with emails to make sure they enter the right destination. It’s a seamless and pain-free experience for your customers!

Shipping’s Number One Challenge in 2021: Cutting Transportation Costs

Summed up by ecommerce expert Web Smith (@web), this chart from Inbound Logistics Magazine shows that the top problem facing every single shipper is cutting transport costs.

Validar reduces your shipping costs by preventing expensive redeliveries on bad addresses, invalid formats, and avoiding unshippable destinations like PO Boxes and the like.

Save your valuable warehouse/packing time and use Validar to stop preventable shipping problems today.

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