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If you ship items to customers, you likely have two problems:

* Customers that enter invalid address information

* Shipping returns that happens because of that

Bad addresses, unshippable addresses, and incorrect or incomplete information end up costing YOU money. Validar fixes this by verifying the address through our interface and offering corrections to make sure your packages always arrive the first time. The result? Happier customers who get their shipment on time and less cost to you avoiding redelivery fees.

We add a script to your Thank You page and after the order is processed, we’ll verify the address right then and there to ensure it can be delivered. If there is a discrepancy, we’ll show your customer a popup allowing them to make changes immediately to avoid shipping problems.

We verify all aspects of their address and also have a set of rules that you can use to avoid shipping problems with things like:

  • Addresses without house numbers
  • Addresses missing street names
  • Addresses that are too long
  • Addresses containing non-Latin characters
  • States & territories outside the continental US (Alaska, Guam, etc)
  • Post Office (PO) Boxes
  • Private Mailboxes (PMBs)
  • DHL Packstations
  • Australia Post Parcel Collects
  • Military addresses

We can also send them an email if they don’t verify it at that time.

Absolutely! We give you full control over the colors, text and more of the popups and emails we send. You can easily match your brand/theme with our setup.

Your first 100 orders with Validar are free, of course.

After that, each order will be processed when the customer enters their shipping address (whenever that happens). You will only be charged ONCE per order.

All order addresses must be checked by Validar (because that’s the only way to catch the bad ones!) so you will be charged per order, not per bad address.

Validar should work with almost any custom theme or checkout because of our integrations. If there’s an issue, contact us and we’ll dig into it.